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How do you price your services?

Eureka has a minimum charge of $195 and requires a deposit of at least this amount, or 25% of the quoted value whichever is greater, before booking a time slot. Eureka also offers a free site visit to best estimate the full requirements for our projects. Projects outside of the Toronto center (M postal codes) are subject to a travel charge, determined by total distance and additional travel time.

Eurekas rates are charged hourly, billed in 15-minute increments. We provide installers at a rate of $95/hr for the first installer and an additional $70/hr for each additional technician. (2 @ $165/hr, 3 @ $235/hr).

Eureka provides reduced rates for larger team projects, including daily flat rates based on client requirements.

How do I book a service? What information do I need?

We always recommend a complimentary site visit before scheduling a project. If this is not convenient, we ask that you provide as much detail, including photos, about the item(s) and location(s) that will be involved. Give us a call at 416-666-6672 and ask for sales (ext. #1). A representative will walk you through the booking process and take as much information as needed to successfully and efficiently complete your request.

Who books the elevators? Loading docks? Who provides parking?

Clients are always responsible for booking their own elevators, loading docks, and on-site parking if available for the duration of the project. Wait time and rescheduling fees may apply if delays are incurred due to the client. All parking fees will be in addition to the install charge if on-site parking cannot be arranged.

Are your workers insured? Covered by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)? Vaccinated?

Yes, yes, and yes. We carry the standard $5 million liability insurance, as well as full WSIB coverage for all technicians. All of our staff are fully vaccinated, with proof on request, and we will be instituting vaccine passports for all employees once available.

What are your work hours? Do you provide work during off-hours such as evenings and weekends?

Our office hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, but our field technicians are available between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm. Mon – Fri. After-hours, weekend, and expedited requests are subject to additional fees when we are available to fulfill these custom service requests.

Are there any hidden fees?

None! We charge by the hour, that’s it! Excess parts requirements or garbage disposal will incur additional transparent fees, charged accordingly!

When is the payment due?

All payments are due at the satisfactory completion of every project unless otherwise arranged in advance.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Credit/Debit Cards, E-transfer, and EFT’s. Other methods will require prior approval.

Do you offer any cash incentives or deals?

Eureka doesn't offer discounts or even accept cash. Repeat and Commercial clients will be eligible for discounted rates and we would be happy to work with designers and manufacturers to establish mutually beneficial business arrangements.

Do you Guarantee / Warranty your work?

Eureka warranties that all our work meets or exceeds required building codes! Any questions or concerns can be directed to Operations. (Ext. #2)

Do you bring extra parts and small fittings?

Eureka technicians always carry an array of standard, as well as specialized parts and fittings, enabling them to efficiently and safely complete almost any project. We cannot guarantee that we have every part necessary, so if an item appears to need special hardware and a site visit was not performed, please communicate the special requirements to us prior to the appointment.

Do you compile and dispose of cardboard and waste?

Eureka always leaves the site as clean or cleaner than when we arrived. We bundle all the packaging associated with the install and will even dispose of it on-site, if available, free of charge. If your location does not provide disposal services, Eureka will handle it for you at a cost of One additional hour at the project rate!

Do you disassemble or assemble previously built items?

Eureka will provide this service subject to a liability waiver. We will perform disassembly, transportation, and reassembly services, generally on a same-day basis. Eureka technicians do not provide moving or packing services for items we do not install or assemble. Eureka may also require the manufacturer's build instructions to ensure safety.

What if parts are missing upon Eureka’s arrival?

Appropriate parts are always the responsibility of the retailer to provide, and the client to verify. Eureka will do their best to accommodate reasonable delays and assist in providing an alternate solution, but the final responsibility rests with the client. Eureka will gladly reschedule under these circumstances but will be required to collect the minimum visit fee of $195 plus tax.

What if I am having items delivered by Eureka?

Please be prepared! Remove delicate & fragile items, expensive rugs, or other belongings that may be damaged. Following Workplace Safe Practices, we do not remove our shoes during projects and wear boot covers whilst inside your premises. We ask that clients prepare the area prior to our arrival to avoid the possibility of mishaps.

Will you shift, move, or remove furniture or delivered boxes on-site?

Eureka requires that all items not delivered by us be situated in close proximity to where they will be installed or assembled. We also ask that the workspace be prepped for our services, and we require as much space as possible to safely complete our work. Fees may apply if items must be moved to their appropriate rooms or floors, or if obstructions need removal. We can assist with these requirements if arrangements are made during a site visit or during booking.